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1. The website is aesthetically appealing.

2. The layout is clear and easy to follow

3. Layout of pages is logical and provides good direction

4. The page loads quickly (including pictures)

5. Links are clearly and appropriately labeled.

6. Navigation tools are easily found and working

7. Pages print easily and clearly


8. The title of the site is indicative of its contents

9. FIRST STEP project background is useful.

10. Project funders and the sponsoring organization are identifiable.

11. The site contains a wealth of information that is useful and applicable in the classroom.

12. The site can be used to do research relaed to your current curriculum.

13. Contact information is easily found

14. Content is rich and would likely be revisited or shared.

15. The language is understandable

16. The pictures on the page are clearly related to the subject.

17. I would use thes units/labs in my classroom

18. If yes, which lab(s) would you be interested in?
Insect Life Cycle: Basic: grow Corn Ear Worms
Insect Life Cycle: Advanced: field vs lab-reared Corn Ear Worms
Identify "Killer" Bees: using measurement and graphing
How CO2 Affects Plant Growth: "Greenhouse Effect"
Compacted Soil: does it impact plant growth?
Seed Germination: the need to scarify some seeds
Nutrient Deficiency in Plants: hydroponic cultivation
Impact of Heat on Plant Growth: acquired thermo-tolerance
Environmental Pollution: stabilizing runoff from fertilizer
Saving Trees: making paper from other materials
Fish Respiration: build a counter current exchange model
Plant Root System Development: effect of temperature
Dead or Alive: testing viability of seeds
Depth and Germination: are they related?

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