Paper and paper products play an important part in the world around us. Because paper makers have always been challenged by fiber shortages, scientists continue to search for more practical and economical sources of fibers. This is a good lesson to explore the technology of papermaking while also providing hands-on work, a related practical research problem, and other enrichment activities related to papermaking.

15sec. video of student making paper

     In this activity, students will become aware of many ways in which paper is used in our world today. While using a journal or prepared student data sheet, they have an opportunity to measure, collect, and compare data, and solve a fiber quality or quantity problem that compares different sources of fiber. They will learn about the technology of papermaking by creating paper or paper products in the classroom from one or more different kinds of fiber sources. Enrichment activities are also provided so that students may practice brainstorming, hypothesizing, trial and error, and hands-on creative work to improve their paper creations.