Lesson 1: Basic : Insect Life Cycle: grow Corn Ear Worms
Lesson 2:Advanced : Insect Life Cycle:field vs lab-reared Corn Ear Worms
Lesson 3: Identify "Killer" Bees: using measurement and graphing
Lesson 4: How CO2 Affects Plant Growth: "Greenhouse Effect"
Lesson 5: Compacted Soil: does it impact plant growth?
Lesson 6: Seed Germination: the need to scarify some seeds
Lesson 7: Nutrient Deficiency in Plants: hydroponic cultivation
Lesson 8: Impact of Heat on Plant Growth: acquired thermo-tolerance
Lesson 9: Environmental Pollution: stabilizing runoff from fertilizer
Lesson 10: Saving Trees: making paper from other materials
Lesson 11: Fish Respiration: build a counter current exchange model
Lesson 12: Plant Root System Development : effect of temperature
Lesson 13: Dead or Alive : testing viability of seeds
Lesson 14: Depth and Germination : are they related?