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Friday morning, July 10th
     Dr. Mike Grusak from the Children's Nutrition Research Center in Houston spoke to our group about his research.  Out of the 10 top causes of death, five are attributable, at least in part, to dietary habits established in childhood.
Improved nutritional standards for children and their mothers will have
long-term effects on the population, resulting in better health for
generations to come. Current research programs at the Children's
Nutrition Research Center are focusing on:
Consequences of Intakes of Calcium and Iron on Growth and
Energy and Mineral Partitioning During Growth and
Development and Their Regulation by Diet
Consequences of Early Infant Nutrition and Total Energy
Expenditure During Childhood
Hormonal and Physiological Adaptations in Pregnancy and
Lactation Related to Dietary Energy and Protein
Regulation of Muscle Protein Expression in the Neonate
Diet and Genetic Interactions in Expression of Mucosal Hydrolases
Amino Acid Needs for Growth and Functional Development
Nutrient Transport/Partitioning in Crop Plants: Effect on Nutritional Quality of Food Products
    Our next presentor was Greg Rodgers from the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Comission (TNRCC).  Greg introduced us to Texas Watch - a volunteer environmental monitoring program.  Its goals are:
to produce environmental information that agencies, waste generators and the public need to make environmentally-sound decisions
to improve communication about the environemt and environmental issues
to resolve conflicts over environmental impacts through positive cooperation