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Monday morning, July 13th
Bright and early Monday morning, we took a stroll outside while it was still "cool" and went across to the cotton fields.  We walked over to the cotton labs and talked to Dr. Peggy Thaxton about the work done on cotton at the USDA labs.

     Samples on the left show 2 closed cotton bolls; one regular green, and one maroon.  The third item is a boll that has opened revealing the fluffy white cotton.

     She showed us how to cross strains of cotton out in the fields.  We then went to see the inner workings of a simple cotton gin.  DID you know that they can grow different colors of cotton besides white?
    After returning, Craig modeled a simple method of growing cotton in the classroom.

Shown are three varieties of cotton: Maroon cotton, regular cotton, and Ocra Cotton.