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Monday afternoon, July 13th

    Cynthia Klemmer, a graduate assistant in Horticultural Sciences gave a presentation on Butterfly Gardening.  She covered the basics and laid it out in layman's terms in such a fashion that we all understood what it took to make and maintain one.  Some of the things to consider when making one are:

        - Plan the garden so that some flowers are in bloom throughout the season.  No flowers, no butterflies.
        - Don't spray pesticides.
        - Place some rocks or logs in your garden to give your butterflies some place to bask.
        - Provide a water source as well as a nectar source.  Mud puddles or a shallow dish with sand and water will work well.

    Two excellent resources for information are Let's Get Growing and Acorn Naturalists.  It is also helpful to familiarize yourself with the types of butterflies there are locally and what they eat.  If you are not sure about a plant, one resource is the Horticulture department at Texas A&M.

    Craig continued to amaze us with his knowledge and resources in flight.  We assembled the Delta Dart which was no simple feat.  This particular kit involved assembling frames and gluing sheets of paper onto them.  We later took them out to an old airstrip and flew them.