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Tuesday afternoon, July 14th

Being a science teacher, the rule in my classroom is that if an experiment works correctly half of the time, you are doing well.  Due to factors beyond our control, we lost all pictures taken during this session.

Dr. James exposed us to the science of acidity, pH, and cabbage juice.  ??Cabbage juice??  Yes, as some of you may know, cabbage juice makes a great, inexpensive indicator of acidity levels.  The best thing about it is that it is natural and harmless to the environment.

Kal McGinnis, a FIRST STEP participant from 1996-97 and son brought his EGGxpertise and had us build mother ships carrying eggs.  These capsules were then placed atop 2-liter bottles which were then launched using water and air pressure as a propellant.  The object was to have an uncracked egg after landing.  Needless to say, some eggs weren't just cracked.