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Thursday morning, July 9th
     Margaret Hammer, FIRST STEP teacher from the 1996-97 program gave a great presentation on what she was able to do with plants.  Being brought up in a desert environment, many of our vegetables were grown hydroponically but I never knew how it was done. Thanks to Margaret and the direction given by the program, this can be conducted very easily in the classroom with some very simple materials.  While we were preparing to put our sprouts in the large container, some of us found a way to make single units.  This would be perfect for those wanting to take theirs home and continuing the activity.
    Owl Pellets?  What are owl pellets you may ask.  Well one thing they are not is owl excrement.  Owls regurgitate their food after they are done digesting it.  What comes out looks like a ball of fur.  If you dissect one, you will be amazed what you find.  Try it!!