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Thursday afternoon, July 16th

We had a short discussion about using resources within our community.  Our meeting was then adjourned and continued at Messina Hof Vineyards in Bryan, Texas.  We were given a tour of the whole wine making process.  After all, it is a science.

The vineyard was full of vines and grapes using the drip irrigation method and was quite a sight.
We were then taken into the room where the grape was processed and stored in vats.
After the tour, we were taken to the main room and given a wine tasting (sparkling grape juice for us non drinkers).
As we were leaving, we noticed something in the bushes.  A female orb spider had built her web.  Behind her's was that of the smaller male.  Like most spiders and several insects, the female is larger and stronger.  After mating with the smaller male, she usually kills and eats him.