Monday, July 6 Introductions, Fast Plants Caterpillars, Bottle Aquariums
Tuesday, July 7 Poultry Science fieldtrip Internet Use, Rocketry
Wednesday, July 8 Soils, Crickets, Soil Particles Simple Statistics
Thursday, July 9 Hydroponics, Owl Pellet Dissection Vermicomposting/Compost Gardening
Friday, July 10 Chromatography, Texas Watch Stream Sampling, Watershed Mapping, SEPUP
Saturday, July 11 Seining, Fossil Collecting
Monday, July 13 Cotton Growth, Crossing, Processing Butterfly Gardens, Rocketry, Constructivist Classrooms
Tuesday, July 14 Insect Pinning/Insect Traps pH Cabbage Juice Indicator, Egg Launching
Wednesday, July 15 Kenaf Egg to Chick Embryology
Thursday, July 16 Seeds - Dead or Alive? Use of Local Resources - Messina Hof  Tour
Friday, July 17 Pill bugs, Evaluations